Weston / Pragotrade Original Jerky Gun Jr. (37-0201-W)

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Weston / Pragotrade Original Jerky Gun Jr. (37-0201-W)



Big Game Grinders

Original Jerky Gun Jr.

Preparing jerky from game meat has never been easier. This kit contains Jerky Gun Jr. and all the accessories needed for making great-tasting jerky. Game meat is naturally lower in fat than domestic meat, but homemade jerky is even healthier - add just the flavorings desired and have a healthy snack with no artificial additives or preservatives. Prep a great snack for the next trip without any hassle!


  • The Original Jerky Gun Jr. can hold up to 1 lb of ground meat; euipped with Easy Squeeze Trigger
  • Stainless Steel Precision Jerky Attachments
    • Single Snack Stick Attachment 1/2" diameter
    • Dual Snack Stick Attachment 1/2" diameter
    • Single Jerky Strip Attachment 1/8" X 3/4"
    • Dual Jerky Strip Attachment 1/8" X 3/4"
  • Jerky Funnel & Stomper.
  • Easy-Cleaning Brush Set

Manufacturer Info

Big Game Grinders is proud to offer products from Pragotrade, Inc. USA. -

"Since 1997, Pragotrade, Inc. U.S.A. has been committed to delivering the finest quality products from around the world to U.S. consumers and distributors. Located in Cleveland, Ohio, on the shores of Lake Erie, our office and warehouse are in prime location for distribution. We have and can develop a diverse line of products from marine/fishing gear to specialty meat processing equipment and many things in between to meet our customers' needs. Pragotrade can take conceptual ideas and bring them to reality using the highest quality materials and manufacturers in the world. Our commitment to quality products has made Pragotrade, Inc. U.S.A. one of the top importers in the U.S."

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