Fabio Leonardi TC5 Carbon Steel Plate 4.5mm

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Fabio Leonardi TC5 Carbon Steel Plate 4.5mm



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TC5 Carbon Steel Plate 4.5mm

There are 5 Stainless Steel Plate Sizes that are available for each meat grinder with different hole diameters to fit all of your needs. Common uses for each plate size include but are not limited to:
  • 4.5mm - Hamburgers, bologna, hot dogs, and jerky.
  • 6mm - Use for coarse hamburger and regular sausages (Polish, German, Breakfast)
  • 8mm - Coarse sausages (Summer, Salami, Pepperoni, Snack Sticks)
  • 10mm - Any first grind, Chile, Chorizo, Linguisa
  • 14mm - Any first grind, coarse chili or stew
Manufacturer Info

Big Game Grinders is proud to offer products from Fabio Leonardi.USA.com -

The MR6 1 1/2 HP Meat Grinder with Powder Coated Steel Cover is designed by a well-respected company in the industry, assuring a tradition of quality. Hunters will appreciate this model's ability to process large quantities of meat. Designed for professional level performance at home (or on the hunt), this unit gives hunters the opportunity to prepare their game meat while it's at its freshest. And because it is specifically designed to grind large amounts of meat, it can handle the most successful hunts. It's also suitable for mincing rind.

QB ID: PCS-TC5-4.5mm


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