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True Induction Gourmet Small Saute Pan (Egg Skillet)



The True Induction gourmet small saute pan (egg skillet) is designed for use with True Induction and other brand name cooktops. True Induction cooktops have been trusted household and RV products for years. The surgical grade stainless steel gourmet cooking set is engineered to maximize the benefits of quality induction cooking. Many brands produce gourmet cookware that can be used with an induction cooktop,but True Induction gourmet cookware is designed specifically for use with an induction cooktop. The small saute pan features a riveted stainless steel handle. No matter how many eggs you fry, this handle isn't going to come off. Rivets are located outside of the cooking area rather than on the inside. Therefore, the small saute pan is safer and easier to clean. Egg won't get stuck in the rivets and bacteria won't have a chance to grow when your pan isn't in use. The saute pan has a perma-bond construction. Every True Induction gourmet small saute pan is made of conductive stainless steel, which is designed to absorb the maximum amount of energy from the induction cooking field while still working perfectly on conventional gas and electric cooktops. The outer layer ensures that your pan will heat quickly. The middle layer is composed of thermal conductive aluminum, which provides the perfect balance of heat conductivity and producing even cooking. You'll always have an egg that is cooked exactly to your liking. The final inner layer of the saute pan is surgical grade stainless steel. Surgical grade stainless steel is stain-free and is naturally resistant to eggs sticking to the bottom of the pan, even without the use of a chemical coating. True Induction gourmet saute pans are ergonomically designed. They are functional, sophisticated, and easy to use. The lids are made of crystal clear tempered glass. They are heat resistant and the handles feature a thermal silicone seal to prevent heating. The handle and rim of each lid is made of high quality stainless steel. The True Induction gourmet small saute pan is dishwasher safe. True Induction gourmet features a lifetime warranty. This saute pan is available for purchase as part of a set or by the piece.



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