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Weston / Pragotrade #32 Deluxe Manual Tinned Meat Grinder (36-3201-W)

Weston / Pragotrade #32 Deluxe Manual Tinned Meat Grinder (36-3201-W)


  • Capable of grinding approximately 5 lbs of meat per minute or 300 lbs per hour
  • Constructed of cast iron with a hot tinned coating
  • Includes 8-Piece Accessory Kit!
  • Compatible with #32 manual series accessories

#32 Deluxe Tinned Manual Meat Grinder

The #32 Deluxe Tinned Manual Meat Grinder is the perfect grinder for hunters wishing to prepare game meat out on the hunt itself. Requiring no power, this model is perfect for that cabin far from civilization and electricity. The compact size means it is easy to pack for a trip and store away after hunting season is over. Finally, it is easy to use - just fill the hopper with meat and turn the handle to grind. This model is perfect for peparing game meat for stuffing sausages.


  • Capable of grinding approximately 5 lbs of meat per minute or 300 lbs per hour
  • Designed with a #32 neck
  • Constructed of cast-iron with hot-tinned coating
  • Hopper measurements 5" x 6"
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty

All Weston Tinned Manual Meat Grinders include this 8-Piece Accessory Kit:

  • 4.5mm Grinding Plate for medium grinding
  • 10mm Grinding Plate for coarse grinding
  • Grinding Knife [blade]
  • Set of three stuffing funnels: 20mm, 30mm and 40mm with easy attaching universal flange and stuffing star.
  • Compatible with #32 manual series accessories, including knives, grinding plates, and sausage stuffers

    Aside from being incredibly convenient and economically advantageous, grinding game meat with a home grinder is also safer. Recently, millions of pounds of ground meat have been recalled due to potential health hazards such as E. coli contamination. Unsanitary food results in about 5,000 deaths each year. But, grinding the meat at home ensures that the meat stays fresh and sanitary. Additionally, commercial machines use such great force that the juice is squeezed right out of the meat, causing it to lose its flavor. After a successful hunt, this is the last thing that any hunter wants. Home grinders allow the meat to retain the juices, enhancing the game meat's flavor.

    Manufacturer Info

    Big Game Grinders is proud to offer products from Weston Supply -

    "Westonsupply.com was established in 1997 under the parent company of Pragotrade USA, Inc. Our brands are among the best known and respected in the industry. The Weston Supply brand offers products and tools that will assist you with meat processing, fishing, hunting and baking."

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