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Big Game Grinders Chum Kit

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Big Game Grinders Chum Kit - Small BONUS gloves

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Big Game Grinders

Chum Grinder Kit

The Garhe #12 Manual Grinder is designed for versatility. It is zinc coated cast iron, rugged to the highest degree for the brutal conditions that a fishing excursion can subject equipment to. The manual design specifically accommodates operation at sea, where power may not be available. It quickly disassembles by unscrewing the end for hosing out after use. This easy to install grinder has 4 bolt downs for customizable installtion on your boat. Bolt it to the cutting board, bolt it to a rail mount, every boat is different and this is built right to be used in dozens of ways.

The Catskill Cutting Board also included is a heavy duty, commercial grade cutting board. It can be drilled into the same sturdy location as the #12 grinder, and it won't crack. The polyboard construction makes this cutting board easy to clean, and won't retain the oils and other fluids from cut fish over time.

, we include a FREE protective glove from Weston / Pragotrade for safe preparation of bait fish for chum. Designed with Kevlar, these gloves are highly cut resistant.

This kit requires bolting the grinder to a secure surface, and drilling the appropriate holes into the cutting board for bolting to a similar surface.


  • Compatible with #12 series accessories
  • Equipped with 1 grinding plate and 1 knife
  • Constructed of cast iron with a rust resistant coating
  • Capable of grinding 3-4 lbs per minute, or 180-240 lbs per hour
  • Designed with a #12 neck
  • 3 year Warranty (Grinder)
  • Catskill Polyboard
  • FREE Weston / Pragotrade Kevlar Glove

Manufacturer Info

This is an exclusive Big Game Grinders designed package. We combined two of the best manufacturers, Garhe (imported by the legendary Fabio Leonardi) and Catskill Craftsmen to create a product that meets the alternate needs of many fishermen we have talked to over the years as opposed to the less versatile rod holder mount set-ups. And we did so while combining high quality with low prices.


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