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Universal Food Chopper & Meat Grinder (1551) | Tomato Milling Machine

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Universal Food Chopper & Meat Grinder (1551) | Tomato Milling Machine



Big Game Grinders

Universal Food Chopper and Meat Grinder

The Universal Food Chopper & Meat Grinder is perfect for that hunting cabin far from civilization - no power? No problem. Simply place meat in the hopper and turn the handle to chop. This model is capable of chopping approximately 3 pounds of meat per minute. Because the chopper does not mash the meat, all of the juices are retained in the cut pieces, which are uniform in size. This ensures that the fresh flavors of any kill are retained right through the serving stage, even in sausages.

Moreover, this chopper ensures convenience - the rust resistant finish is sanitary, and makes clean up easy. No reason to spend valuable time on a hunting trip cleaning up a mess. Similarly, the self-sharpening blades are convenient for hunters since the blades don't need to be sharpened between uses. They also ensure that the chopper functions optimally for every use. Finally, the chopper is designed to easily clamp to a counter during use, but can be removed for storage during the off season, or for transportation.


  • Equipped with medium grinding plates
  • Constructed of cast iron with rust-resistant finish
  • Capable of chopping 3 lbs. of meat per minute or 180 lbs per hour

Aside from being incredibly convenient and economically advantageous, grinding game meat with a home grinder is also safer. Recently, millions of pounds of ground meat have been recalled due to potential health hazards such as E. coli contamination. Unsanitary food results in about 5,000 deaths each year. But, grinding the meat at home ensures that the meat stays fresh and sanitary. Additionally, commercial machines use such great force that the juice is squeezed right out of the meat, causing it to lose its flavor. After a successful hunt, this is the last thing that any hunter wants. Home grinders allow the meat to retain the juices, enhancing the game meat's flavor.

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Universal Housewares - "The World's Finest Tools for your Kitchen" since 1842. Universal offers an impressive selection of meat choppers, juicers, strainers, food mills, cast-iron cookware, and more!

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