Fabio Leonardi 16 lb. Large Sausage Stuffer (COD075)

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Fabio Leonardi 16 lb. Large Sausage Stuffer (COD075)



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Fabio Leonardi Large Sausage Stuffer

This Large Sausage Stuffer is the ideal appliance for any hunter. Requiring no electricity, it is suitable for use in those hidden-away cabins with no power. It is simple to operate, making sure the focus remains on the hunt, while providing professional-level quality. This model has two different settings to prevent the formation of air bubbles in the sausage, assuring that the game meat is processed for the best possible taste and final product. And, since this unit is capable of processing large amounts of meat, it will save time as it processes a successful hunt at a quicker speed.


  • Usable anywhere - no electricity required
  • Designed with two cranking speeds for sausage stuffing operation
  • Designed for easy washing with removable componentsand a cast design for seamless construction
  • Capable of stuffing 16 lbs; about 64 sausages
  • Equipped with 4 funnels
  • Designed with a stainless steel cylinder
  • Designed for usage 3/month (or medium to large game)

Manufacturer Info

Big Game Grinders is proud to offer products from Fabio Leonardi.USA.com -

For years Fabio Leonardi has produced the finest quality in meat grinders, sausage stuffers and other fine products. You can always rest assured your getting a reliable product.

QB ID: COD.075

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