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Big Game Grinder :: Tips and Guides
Preparing Game Meat
Game Meat vs. Domestic

        Most hunters participate in the sport because they enjoy it. But an added benefit is that most game meat is healthier than domestically raised meat. For instance, venison has more nutrients than beef and has less fat and cholesterol. Read More >>

Field Dressing

        Field dressing is an important part of a proper kill. Big game needs to be field dressed immediately in most situations to prevent spoiling. Field dressing removes a good deal of the fat, which spoils quickest, and it allows bodily fluids and body heat, both of which accelerate decomposition, to escape from the carcass. Read More >>

Different Hunting Methods

        Baiting, Beagling, Blind/Stand Hunting, Calling, Camouflage, Dogs, Stalking/Still Hunting, Tracking, Trapping Read More >>

The Top 3 Game Animals

        Deer: In the US, one of the most commonly hunted game animals is the deer. To the east of the Rocky Mountains, the white-tailed deer is most common species, while to the west, the mule deer is more common. Read More >>

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